Friday Thoughts: The Great Bookmark Debate

Apparently, there is a phrase which automatically makes me a fake book lover. That phrase is ‘You know, I dogear my books.’ The looks of horror on peoples faces can often be hilarious, and for some reason, it’s classed as a worse offence than highlighting inside books.

I don’t do it often, and I don’t do it while actually bookmarking a page I’m on, but I still do it. Mostly its when there is a part I love, or the start of a favourite chapter so I can go back and reference it easily.

I don’t understand why it’s seen as bad – as long as you don’t do it to other people’s books, I think this is fine to do.

Plus, it is far far easier to dogear than hunt around to find something to actually use as a bookmark… since, despite the fact I make bookmarks, I can never ever find one easily!

Weird things I’m currently using as bookmarks; a half price voucher for a restaurant. An old receipt, a piece of string and a ds game. Thank goodness kindles don’t need bookmarks.

Normal things I am currently not using as a bookmark; a bookmark.

Which is really amusing, when I get at least one nice bookmark for christmas each year. I always feel bad about never using it, but it never seems to be where I need. Part of me doesnt get why we even assign the title of bookmark to a particular strip of card when we much more often use limbs to hold books open anyway.

Whats the strangest thing you’ve used as a bookmark? Whats your view on folding down pages?


2 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: The Great Bookmark Debate

  1. Helen says:

    I’ve accumulated so many bookmarks over the years, I started to leave them inside the books now. Or put them in books right after I brought them home. I even try to find a bookmark matching the book in some way.
    I often use toilet paper as bookmarks because I read in the bathtub. And I had a phase when I memorised the page number I stopped on.
    I am very strict how I handle my books but I don’t tell others off for the way they handle their books.
    My uncle used to dogear or even tear the corner of the page he last read so I have a lot of children’s book from my mum that look like mice had a party with them (I don’t know what he did if he read a book more than twice).


  2. My odd bookmarks have been about the same as what you’re using: a receipt, a coupon, string, a random object sitting close by. I have even used a clean sock before.


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