Friday Thoughts: The Best (and worst) Literary Pets

Ahh pets. Can’t live without them. Sometimes can’t live with them. Either way, they are a big part of life, and often that’s reflected in the books we read.

So, what memorable pets are there?

Malkin (Cogheart)
I don’t know if he really counts as a real pet, since he is a mechanical fox, but I think he is great. I mean, you don’t have to feed him, he doesn’t make a mess. All you have to do is remember to wind him up when he starts to slow down. Plus, he can talk, he’s kinda intelligent, and foxes are really really cute.

Nana (Peter Pan)
I mean, Nana is one of my favourite things about Peter Pan? Here you have this family of seemingly normal people. They work, raise their children and don’t believe in shadows locked in drawers. But they are happy to hire a dog to look after their children?

Scabbers (Harry Potter)
Not the best of pets, I know. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a big part of the books. Does he even count as a pet? Who knows. Either way, we all hate him.
Though the books really would have turned out differently if someone had thought to test him sooner- imagine if he had turned into a human with that not-spell from the first book (Turn this fat rat yellow)

Fleetfoot (Throne of Glass)
Who doesn’t love the adorable puppy? The single character everyone in the ToG fandom wants to survive… and the only character that has been promised to survive.
That’s okay, I’m sure any kingdom would be happy with a dog as a ruler.

Hedwig (Harry Potter)
An owl so famous he got his own themetune.
Then died.

Who are your favourite bookish pets? Have you named any of your own pets after book characters? (My dog is named Bellatrix Lestrange.)


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