Friday Thoughts: Mythical Creatures That should be Real

    Yeah, sureeeee the world be be on fire and livestock and people will go missing but Dragons. Like, how cool would that be? To stumble across a dragon egg made of something that looks strangely like gold, and to watch it hatch and grow into an iridescent blue creature that could fly you around the world and make you feared by all your enemies (apparently in this idea, we are all in The Days of Old, where enemies were someone dueled at dawn)
  2. Leprechauns
    Because, lets face it, we live in a pretty dull and awful world, and what would make that better? Little beings who stored gold at the end of rainbows!
  3. The Niffler
    The little Niffler, who was clearly the real reason Fantastic Beasts was so amazing. Chaotic but lovable, I think even if only one of these little creatures existed, life would be much more entertaining.
  4. Kelpie
    Yeah I know they are meant to be deadly. Just like every other water creature, they want to lure you under a lake and drown you, or whatever, but seriously, I just like the idea of walking next to a lake or river and this great horse looking creature rising up from next to you. Plus, they are meant to be able to shapeshift into human form and life would be more fun if you had to play and which human looking thing wants to kill you today?
  5. Pegasus
    Because, just like Dragons, they have the ability to fly you anywhere which would be much cheaper than a plane or car. And who wouldn’t want a winged horse?!

…Basically, by the looks of it, if I had my way, the world would have been destroyed by mythical creatures…

What creatures do you think should exist?


4 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: Mythical Creatures That should be Real

  1. I second the Niffler and Dragon!! They would be so amazing to have around!


  2. never-not-a-fangirl says:

    Niffler DEFINITELY, but I also really love the idea of mermaids? Not the pretty and friendly ones, more Potter-esque because something about there being these fierce and majestic people living in the ocean, a far bigger place than Earth, just seems incredible.


  3. Dragons for sure. And elves. I don’t know why, but elves. Tolkien-style


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