Friday Thoughts: Characters I wouldn’t want to Meet down a Dark Alley

Good characters, bad characters, sometimes favourite characters- there are always a few that, though you love them in books, you really really wouldn’t want to stumble upon them while on your own late at night.

  1. Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows)
    Okay okay I love Kaz? He is a brilliant character, a genius that would use his best friend as bait if it furthered his cause. Or money. And that’s why I wouldn’t actually want to meet him. In two books, we saw what he could do to his enemies, and how he was able to come out the other side. He is the kind of character you throw your purse in front of to distract him and creep away while he is catching all the money. Quite frankly, though Kaz is brilliant, I would never say that to his face, because if he was real, I think he would actually terrify me.
  2. Professor Umbridge (Harry Potter)
    well…. I say that, but unfortunately, we all come across Umbridge in our daily lives. Umbridge is the person who doesn’t like anyone being happy, who judges everyone for who they are and tries to punish them. (*carefully looks over at America*) That’s actually what I’ve always hated about her- she was the real villain in Potter, because she was the real character. Voldemort- an over the top baddie with a bad sense of smell, but Umbridge reminds everyone of the horror stories of their own villains.
  3. Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass)
    Again, love her so much and shes not even a baddie. But she is kinda intimidating, and since she hasn’t got the best moral compass in the world, I would really rather avoid her.
  4. The Sídhe (The Call)
    Like… don’t get me wrong, I love faeries and the badder, the better, but if these faeries existed there would be no way I would ever step foot in Ireland oh my god.
  5. Christian Gray (50 Shades)
    I feel like this one is self explanatory…

Who would yours be?


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