Friday Thoughts: Five Characters I would Sell my Soul to Meet

We all have them. Those characters that wriggle under our skin and stay there long after we leave their books gathering dust on the shelves. The ones we imagine meeting, wondering if they would like you, kill you, or adopt you (and vise vera).

So these are my top five (though I would most likely be able to fill a whole book with all the characters I wish were real.):

  1. The Weasley Twins.  (Harry Potter)
    Oh hush, they totally count as one character. You can’t have Fred without George, and you can’t have George without…. oh. (*sniggers*) The twins have been two of my favourite characters since I first read the Potter books, and I’m pretty sure they were my main inspiration for liking pranks and probably being a pain when I was a teenager. To be honest, I think I still show my inner Weasley sometimes.
  2. Jesper Fahey (Six of Crows)
    I remember when I met Leigh Bardugo for the first time time, she was asking everyone who their favourite character out of the mains were. When I said mine was Jesper, she looked mildly surprised, and I really do get why. I mean, he’s a sharpshooter with a gambling problem and really not the most trustworthy on their team (You can, at least, trust Kaz to go through with his promises) but I got Jesper. He was my favourite of all of them from the second they were all introduced, all the way to the end of the second book. And I feel like he and I would be able to waste away many evenings talking/bragging/competeing with each other to prove our shooting (and flirting?) skills…
  3. Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses)
    He is not the best of characters in the world. We all saw what he can do in ACOTAR with his power, mind and his anger. He could quiet happily destroy a kingdom, I feel, if someone hurt the people he loves. But he is also wonderful. Like, I just want to reach into the book and hug him whenever he is on the page- especially in that character in ACOMAF which I’m sure made 90% of readers cry. He may be really really old and able to protect himself, but I would sell my soul to the devil to get him into the real world…just to keep him safe from anything that could happen in ACOWAR.
  4. Lila Bard (A Darker Shade of Magic)
    It would be a very very bad idea to ever cross paths with Lila, since she is me in fictional form, but you know what? That’s all part of the fun.
    I’ve never read a character more that I understand. She wants to see everything and doesn’t care how. She wants to be a pirate. She loves adventure and I just… I fell in love while reading ADSOM and kept falling the further the series went. When I met Victoria last year, I actually thanked her for writing Lila, because I was reading about this girl, who only had the use of one eye, but learnt to live around that and could. (I used to sail and I am blind in one eye and I got so tired of people telling me what I couldn’t do without letting me speak for my own disability. So something about Lila… I just loved her for it)
  5. Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass)

…I’m laughing that this list is mostly guys. But that does raise a point that often, male characters are much better written. (since in most books, girls are there only to further a guys plotline) There are so many more I could have chosen from though. The Raven Boys boys, Cinder and Co. from The Lunar Chronicles, Ziri from The Daughter of Smoke and Bone… Newt from Fantastic Beasts (shhh it does count as a book!)… so, so many…

What would yours be?


3 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts: Five Characters I would Sell my Soul to Meet

  1. i love that you included the weasley twins because I love them! they would definitely be at the top of my list. i’d also really love to meet Luna Lovegood. As far as my other characters I’d also like to meet Daenerys Targaryen from a song of ice and fire. Sam from The Perks of being a Wallflower. And….I’m not sure about the last one haha


    • Immzie says:

      Honestly, if the twins existed I would hunt them down to befriend them- they’ve been my favourites in the series from the very start. And Daenerys would be great, if I weren’t mostly terrified of her! 😀


  2. JESPER! I love him so much. He made bad decisions, but he had such a good heart.

    The five characters I would LOVE to meet 1) Inej from SOC (my daughter *sobs*). 2) Dante from Ari and Dante (I love Ari, but we’re too similar so if we ever met it would just be awkward silence. Dante is such a cutie and a chatterbox plus he’d probably bring Ari along anyway lol). 3) Chubs from TDM because he is so sarcastic and I would love having sarcastic banter with him. 4) Jack from Every Heart A Doorway (She was so quirky and weird and I just wanted to hear more of her strange theories). 5) Sam from When the Moon Was Hours by Anna-Marie McLemore (He painted moons and I would love to see them in person and hear him talk about what inspires him to paint each one.)


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