Cursed Child, Script VS Play


Ahh, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. A book/play of much debate. Some love it, some hate it, some have no idea what to think.

I read (and reviewed) The script of CC last year, and was not that impressed with it. Hell, after a lot of people had read it, there was a gentle running joke on two of my fics on Tumblr (Co written by friends and strangers alike)… and this one… because it seemed I had guessed most of the plot twists well before they were plot twists, and I had written a character much like one in the script that was more realistic than the one in the play.

So while I was excited to go and see Cursed Child, I was still worried of what I was going to think. I didn’t let myself have expectations, because I didn’t want to be let down.


I have now seen the play and let me tell you, the script may be the most cliche thing I have read in a while, but the play itself is amazing.

I’m not going to tell all, because lots of people still haven’t seen it, but I have to talk about it- so if you don’t want to read anything about it, do not read this.

So I saw this on the 2nd of April. A few days before, it was announced that the original cast were being replaced, which meant we were really happy that we had tickets for so soon. We wanted to see the original lot, because… the play is shaped around them? They started with just a script and ideas, but the new people replacing them will have a role to step into, expectations already there for who the characters are on stage.

And ughhhhh I don’t think anyone could top this cast?


Heres the thing. Emma, Rupert and Daniel grew into their roles in the films. When I still read the books, I dont see them in my head as the characters. They were good, yes, but just like the characters, they were younger.

But the play- They were all pretty much perfect. Like Paul Thornley’s portrayal of grown up Ron was exactly how I imagined him to be. It was wonderful to see.

Even Harry (Jamie Parker) was great. Don’t get me wrong, I stand by my belief that Harry would never ever tell any of his kids he wished they werent his children, even in anger, but the way it was shown was still interesting. And later on- the last few scenes were amazing.

And then we get to the younger two characters.

It is gently amusing to begin with, since the first few scenes are them aged 11-14, and, you know, the two playing the boys are in their twenties. But thankfully it’s not too long.

The minute you see Albus on stage (especially when you have read the script) you just want to hug and protect him. Sam Clemmett just had this charm around him that was utterly convincing and wonderful to watch.

And then you have Scorpius. (Oh, hush, I think we should all know by now I want to adopt all the tragic children and him more than most) I’m not going to lie, I think that Anthony Boyle pretty much saved this play. He was the play. I’m 1000% sure I would be happy with like, a one man show of the same length that was just him acting as Scorpius because it was wonderful.

Scorpius was just this absolute bundle of tragic nerdiness and he portrayed it beautifully. There were some lines Boyle had that I’m still cackling at while writing this- 24 hours later- because of the way he said them. “Squeal. The nerd in me is quivering” Will get me for the rest of my life, as will “It wasn’t hate in her eyes… it was PITY.” One day someone will say the word pity to me and I’ll just crack up because all I’ll imagine is the way Boyle said the line.

Scorpius was my favourite character from the script and it was solidified completely by seeing the play.

While most of the play was entertaining (and some of it hilarious), there were some scenes that just tugged on your heartstrings. Mostly, one scene near to the end.

Not really spoiler alert: James and Lily Potter (senior) die. We all know this. Its mentioned in every book. We know the heartbreaking facts like James died first trying to give lily a chance to run. But you know what is infinetly more heartbreaking? Hearing it, and watching the characters hear it. I swear, I’ve never heard an audience so deadly silent before, and I’ve seen a lot of things in theatres. It was so cleverly, evily done. Like, we know the characters aren’t real. But in that moment, watching it- its not like you forget. You just don’t care. The characters of Potter have touched the hearts of so many people and in that, we have made them real, so you know what? We will all mourn James and Lily Potter.


On a lighter note, Draco Malfoy.
No, that’s it. Draco is great, Alex Price is a great Draco.

Though it is interesting how we all read lines differently. EG, when I read the line “It is awfully lonely, being Draco Malfoy” I read it as sad. Heartbreaking, because he was finally opening up to something he didn’t…fear… but hid for years. And he was opening up to someone who had once been his enemy. But Price made it funny. The words mean the same, the impact different.

(and that sums up why I love musicals and plays and theatre so much. Goddd I wish I worked in theatre acting)

This is such a disjointed post, I’m so sorry. But the more I think about it the more fangirly I get and thus, a mess of excitement that I’m hoping makes sense.

Out of all my favourite moments in the whole play (most of which include at least one Malfoy. Or both, like the ‘AHHHH’ ‘Its okay we can hug.’) was actually when the adults were playing the kids playing the adults. I think it showed just how amazing they are as actors, to be able to do that. It was brilliant, hilarious, and perfect.

Perfect, just like the costume. So- this is set over 20 years into the future, so we all knew times would change, and the Hogwarts uniform got a new makeover, complete with awesome swishy robes, ties and rebranding of the Houses. (not going to lie, I want all the slytherin things) but on top of that, by far the best costumes were from the start of act 3, in the evil future. Like seriously I want to make one of those uniforms and wear it around everywhere so I look really imposing? Those costumes were awesome.

The set was pretty cool too. But like, any set that has a hidden pool under it gets my vote, really.

Okay okay, I’m going to stop now before I just fall into a pile of mush thinking about how happy I was to see the play and to love it, despite, you know, the pretty big set back of The FanFiction Script, and just say that it was incredible, and the actors themselves were lovely as well, since we got the chance to meet some of them, and I will definitely sell my soul to the devil to see it again, and I would sell everyone else’s soul to the devil to see it again before the cast swaps over.

Oh, and to prove my love of it, I may have accidently started writing my own fanfic based around Scorpius, act 3, and the cool imposing costumes.



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