Our Chemical Hearts


I’m not big on giving up books. What can I say- I’m stubborn. But there are some books that you know from the first chapter will not be good, and only gets worse the further on you get.

I managed to read an entire 124 pages of this before throwing my hands in the air and the book in the ‘to give away’ pile.

Let me explain to you the various reasons that I stopped reading this book.

  1. The way Grace Town, the Love Interest (henseforth known as LI) is introduced. With a list of three things, explaining what she wears, her looks, and ‘If all this wasn’t enough to really screw over her chances of fitting in at a new high school, Grace Town walked with a cane.’
    This entire section made me cringe. Because within seconds of her walking in, Main Character Henry (henseforth known as Mainy) has thrust across the page at you that LI is not your normal girl. Added to that… I don’t know. Maybe the fact that I have a disability made it more ‘painful’ to read for me was that I remember walking into a school and being judged automatically when other kids realised I was different.  So yeah, the whole point that Mainy judged her and within seconds when ‘she wont fit in here’ really really brought back memories that are not pleasant.
  2. Mainy says its not a love story on page two. But hes essentially stalking her by chapter three, their first kiss is somewhere in those 124 pages I did read. Here is an idea. Don’t call it not a love story if it is, in fact a love story. (I’ve been told some of how it ends and yes, okay, the end does say first love is first and things change and everything, but it still reads like a love story) (the only time the phrase not a love story should be used is when, in fact, the book is about something completely different, and not about first love- or when it is the second or third theme in a book about something entirely different)
  3. Mainy, honest to god, described himself as ‘Something like a male Summer Glau crossed with Severus Snape’
  4. Mainy likes to write. LI used to write. Of course, both are given the option of doing something with a school newspaper. LI says no. Says she no longer writes. Mainy ignores her words and (how I took it) basically assumes that what he says is better, despite knowing her like. Two days.
  5. Along the same theme- one of his best friends continuously stalks his ex wanting her back and not listening to her. IS THIS A THEME.
  6. All the characters are….not their ages. Really. I’ve never read a book where so many characters are pretentious, up themselves and just…. ughh. (Many of John Greens characters are kinda pretentious, but this was on a whole other level. At least Gus knew what he was like in TFioS. Mainy, I feel, would walk into a room and think him the best thing in there.) and so much of it is over the top, or just…no? I mean, I know I was 17 five years ago, but I remember no one talking or acting like this. And all my friends were the over the top theatre group, so I was used to strange drama. (Like, the party? A bath tub of alcohol? That even Mainy thought looked dodgy yet still dove into quiet merrily to get drunk? I’m pretty sure the next chapter should have been the entire year throwing up because really.)
  7. His parents just don’t care? YES MAINY, GO OUT DRINKING. BE FREE. BREAK LAWS. He doesnt go home after the party and they are not panicking?

And…. it was near enough this point that I gave up, hung up the book and asked someone online to tell me what happen at the end, because I was not wasting another week of my life reading this.

It was bad- this list has barely dug into why it was bad (really, really mainy, stalking LI after she drops you home is not cool.) but I can’t go on.

There were some gems in it. Like this sentence here, which is refreshing to see in any YA novel. And- as I have been told- the end is also refreshing and good, and also rare in a YA novel.

But really. Really. A good point every 5 chapters does not make a book worth reading.

one star


2 thoughts on “Our Chemical Hearts

  1. thebookishlibrarian says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who DNF this book. I couldn’t get past like the 5th chapter. Too many pop culture references were used in an annoying way. And Mainy was definitely an annoyance.


    • Immzie says:

      Oh my god don’t even get me started on the pop culture stuff! I actually had to /google/ some things because it was so weird (like the other person Mainy described himself that wasnt Snape)

      Like, I do like it when books based nowish reference some things that are popular around the time- obviously Potter is a big one- but there comes a point when its trying too hard.


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