2016 in Books

According to Goodreads, I have read 83 books this year. But that doesn’t count rereads, and I’ve read all the Sarah J Maas books once (some of them twice. One of them maybe three times), the SoC books once, the entire Psy-Changeling series once (yes, all like, 15 of them.) and a few other of favourite series, so in total, I’ve probably read about 150 this year.

And then theres all the picture books I never put down that I’ve read (and I read a lot of the, thanks to working in a bookshop)…so lets make that more like….over 200 books? Who knows.

Maybe I ought to keep better track somehow.

The longest book I read this year was Empire of Storms- which I am still reeling from.

I also rated 16 books with 5 stars this year- EoS being one, along with ACoMaF (that’s the three times read one, if you were wondering), Blue Lily Lily Blue, Heartless, Crooked Kingdom, the V E Schwab books and The Princess Bride.

Only one book got one star from me- Low Red Moon- which was so bad I didn’t review, but did do a live blogging reading of which you can find here (along with some other entertaining reads).

Four books were marked two stars- two of which were in the same series, Snow Like Ashes. (I hoped it would getter better. It didn’t)

There have also been a few DNF this year (I should keep better track of these too) including The Book Thief, which I attemped twice, and gave up twice.

There are still a few books that I am reading- Nevernight (which is brilliant), A Monster Calls (which I am not enjoying as much as people said I would) and American Gods (which is very strange but I think I like- being only 50 pages in, I haven’t made up my mind yet)

But over all, this has been a better year for books than not- some brilliant new releases, a return to some older favourites (Even though I’m still going to pretend Cursed Child is nothing to do with Potter)  and some wonderful new authors appearing on the scene.

Here’s to next year- a year where at least three series I am reading finish (anyone else terrified for ACoWaR?) and some new beautiful editions come out (hello, nice looking Beauty and the Beast) and some interesting new books coming out.

Happy reading, everyone, and happy new year!


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