The Princess Bride, William Goldman


A tale of true love and high adventure, pirates, princesses, giants, miracles, fencing, and a frightening assortment of wild beasts — The Princess Bride is a modern storytelling classic.

As Florin and Guilder teeter on the verge of war, the reluctant Princess Buttercup is devastated by the loss of her true love, kidnapped by a mercenary and his henchmen, rescued by a pirate, forced to marry Prince Humperdinck, and rescued once again by the very crew who absconded with her in the first place. In the course of this dazzling adventure, she’ll meet Vizzini — the criminal philosopher who’ll do anything for a bag of gold; Fezzik — the gentle giant; Inigo — the Spaniard whose steel thirsts for revenge; and Count Rugen — the evil mastermind behind it all. Foiling all their plans and jumping into their stories is Westley, Princess Buttercup’s one true love and a very good friend of a very dangerous pirate.

This book is wonderful.

I honestly love everything about it, from the wacky ‘real’ world snippets and the ‘cuts’ of stupid amounts of pages, to the story itself. (Or, two stories, I guess, since everything in the ‘real’ part is also not real- Of course, this was never a book before Goldman wrote it. He doesn’t have a son…) Everything was so cleverly thought out and brilliantly done.

Most fairytale style books either are set in a world not like our own, or a time and place that is never specified. This, however, presents the idea of two countries that fit somewhere in our own world, for throughout it there is mention of Spain and various other countries that most definitely do exist. I liked this aspect of it- though his use of ‘timelessness’ was something I liked more. The constant brackets explaining (this was after mirrors) and (they had arguments then) were really entertaining.

Apart from the whole, knowing other countries, this book basically borders on the insane. Like. Zoo of Death. The entire storyline. The characters. The  machine that sucks life away. It was crazy, insane, and oh my god one of the best things I have ever read.

The thing I found funny was how many lines I already knew from it- I’ve never seen the film, but it is referenced so much that you know quotes and you have a favourite before you even start reading.

I am, most definitely, going to watch the film soon.


One thought on “The Princess Bride, William Goldman

  1. Tanja says:

    Great book and a great movie. I love it when I read a book and come across something that people reference a lot, and than I finally understand the references 😀


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