A Bookish Update

So, normally on a Friday, there would be an  ‘On The TBR Pile’ post, and normally on a Tuesday, a review of some kind.

For the past two Tuesdays, I’ve been too busy to write a review- last week, I was up in London for the Worlds Collide Tour, seeing Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo. (Both of whom are amazing and funny and so talented.) The night was one of Hamilton references and freaking out because ‘I can’t swear in a church!’ (that from Rainbow when they were doing dramatic readings of their books)

After spending over an hour in the queue afterwards, I finally got to talk to them both, and give them both bookmarks I had made (The ‘I can’t draw’ of fanart) and got my books signed.

Then, this week, a less interesting but still funny evening was spent at a poetry slam, where a small group of us shared poetry and I suddenly felt very untalented with my words compared to some of the others there. (my poetry, by the way, can be found here)

So, less time reading books and less time to write reviews means I’ve very far behind on my TBR and mildly panicking because I see no time to catch up.

As well as all this, November is upon us, which means not only is it dark at half past four in the afternoon, the Dreaded NaNoWriMo has decided, and I (along with many other would-be-writers) will be spending the month frantically throwing down random words on a document and hoping a few of them will form understandable sentences. (You can keep up to date with my progress here)

So over the next few weeks, there will most likely be many missing posts on Tuesday, and some probably forgotten-to-put-up ones on Fridays as well. I will try my best, but to review books, I actually need to put my laptop down and read them at a normal hour, and not at three oclock in the morning.

After NaNo, I hope to get back on track with blog posts… and also start thinking of other posts to do each week as well (If anyone has any suggestions, I would love them, since I apparently have no imagination)


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