Fairyloot- Book Subscription Box


That’s right, people, I finally caved and got myself a book box subscription.

I would have shown a picture of the closed box, but unfortunately it came to me in not the best shape due to being dropped and squashed by the ‘wonderful’ people who deliver our post.

We all know the big subscription boxes like Owlcrate. I’ve been wanting one of them for months- however the cost of shipping has always put me off- and I wanted to support a UK company anyway, since, you know, I’m British.

Finally, the other month, I came across a new one based in London. I just missed their first box (leaving me heartbroken because of the bookmarks in it) but signed up for their April Box, which was themed with intrigue.

And the box turned up last week!

I opened it excited (white being watched by the people I work with.) and was not disappointed.

In the April box, I got

  • The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead (I havent read her books for a few years but I loved her Vampire Academy books)
  • A bookmark and poster based around the book
  • Fake tattoos (I am 21 years old AND I WILL NEVER NOT LOVE FAKE TATTOOS)
  • A candle
  • President Snow
  • a sample of the Wrath and the Dawn (I’ve already read it but I handed it over to a customer who likes the same things I do, so thats a plus)
  • and, of course, the information about where each thing came from

Because the Box was basically ruined, I cut out the quote from the front and its now also stuck on my wall.

Oh, and the box had a handful of glitter gems in it which may or may not have gone all over the floor at work… which was entertaining.

I can’t wait to read the book, and I’m definitely getting more boxes from them

Next months theme is High Fantasy, and you can buy them here


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