Characters I want to See More of in Books

There has been a lot of drive for diversity in books over the last few years. There has been a huge rise in LBGT+ books, but there is still a long way to go.

One of the things I want more of is Asexual and Aromantic characters. I’ve only ever read a few books with ‘confirmed’ ace and aro characters, and even then, its slightly implied, and some of them have even been books where the ace-ness of a character has been ‘cured’.

The reason I want more representation is because the terms Asexual and Aromantic are ones that are still relatively unknown. Most people who ‘come out’ as ace and aro often go through a period of thinking they are broken- because we live in a society where to not want to have sex or to not feel anything romantically is apparently wrong.

Books are an amazing way to show that this isn’t true- and its also something that people could have fun writing about. Books are also a good way of educating people on what the words actually mean.

So, in light of that, here is a list of ace and aro characters I would love to see in books:

  • An ‘end of the world’/zombie/dystopian book where an ace character is with two non-ace characters who end up getting together and making out at really inappropriate moments, and the ace character just has epic rants about ‘really? Now? Out of every moment to choose, you pick now? WE ARE ABOUT TO DIE.’
  • An aro who hires themselves out for pirates and adventures having to go near Mermaid and Siren waters. As they get nearer, the aro watches as the rest of the crew fall under the spell and they sigh, rolling their eyes and locking everyone away as they sail the ship safely past.
  • Ace characters who are happily in relationships. Ace characters who are scared of even flirting because even if they want a relationship they are scared of being judged or laughed at, or told they are ‘wrong’. Ace characters who don’t really care either way. Ace characters with really dirty minds who spill out filthy jokes but don’t actually care about sex. Ace characters who are completely revolted by sex and thats fine for them.
  • Aro characters who sleep with a different person every night and doesn’t care what people call them. Aro characters who have sex with one person and thats it. Aro characters who have friends constantly setting them up with people and those people somehow become close friends because they do have a lot in common- but thats all they become. Friends.
  • Ace characters whose story does not revolve around them being outcasts and having sex just to try and fit in- its just a part of them.
  • Aro characters who hire themselves out to people who are suspicious  that their other halves are cheating on them.
  • Ace characters being taken on adventures and somehow save everyone multiple times because they are ace. They get stuck on the Island of Lust and the ace character drags their friends out, ect
  • Aro characters who are on an adventure and get tricked into taking a love potion but it doesnt work, and they find that its happened to people before so they go to rescue other victims.
  • Ace and aro characters who are accepted as ace and aro and it doesnt change a thing.

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